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   Welcome to A2ZVastu

In today’s world, people’s expectation for growth and money is increasing on the one hand and their cultural values, etiquette is decreasing on the other. But in last few years, people are getting attracted to Vastu which shows that they are again sticking to their old culture and beliefs. There is no need to prove the importance of principles as preached by our ‘Rishis’ and ‘Maharishis”. You can see that how astrology has become a part of science now where it was taken as superstition till few years back. It is quite often asked by some people that there were no Vastu till few years back then from where this science developed? But existence of Vastu is from very old time say the development of human race. There is explanation of Vastu in Ramayana and Mahabharat also. Its existence is also in Aadigrantha and Vedas. The construction of old Forts, palaces, temples etc were on the basis of Vastu only. But Vastu is not only related to mythology nor is it linked to any particular religion. It is based on pure science and applicable to all. Role of astrology is limited to a person only but Vastu is applicable to all who lives in particular place.

Vastu in these days is becoming popular and everyone has some idea about it. But people are confused how to follow it. In ongoing new construction or before starting construction, one can easily follow the Vastu rules but in old construction, the building cannot be demolished to rectify Vastu faults. There is a myth that Vastu can be rectified by only demolishing or changing the wrong construction. Vastu is not much about how the things should be rather it is about the proper balancing of a place with vital energies in order to get prosperity in life. Vastu suggest the placement of certain areas in proper direction in order to receive more energy. But placement as per Vastu is not possible in many cases and it doesn’t at all mean that Vastu cannot be followed there. Vastu can still be followed. This can be done by first diagnosing the problems and then applying correcting measures. Vastu can be rectified by generating energy and balancing it without disturbing the construction. This can be done with the help of highly Pre-Energised gadgets.

We have covered almost every aspect of Traditional Vastu in our website. Person seeking advice in special cases or the points which are not covered here may approach us and get the idea. But following certain books and website for Vastu cannot fulfill your complete requirement. Through websites, you can easily know the names of medicine for any problems but this doesn’t mean that you are a Doctor and taking medicine on such basis is very dangerous. Doctors first diagnose your problems and then he suggests any medicine as per your requirements. Different person with similar symptoms may be suggested different treatments. Similarly, constructing a building or rectifying Vastu faults on the basis of books and websites is very dangerous because every other plot has its own criteria.

. For Vastu of a place certain factors are considered first:

  1. Surroundings
  2. Shape of Plot
  3. Energy of Plot
  4. Slope of Plot
  5. Position of building
  6. Shape of building
  7. Plinth of building
  8. Angles of corners
  9. Height width and length ratio.
  10. Vedhi shoola, if any
  11. Dwar vedh, if any etc.

So,we can suggest you the exact solutions and suggestions as we have experience and we can consider all the aspects of Vastu at a time, which a normal person cannot easily do.

On the left side of this site, there are different options which you may go and check as per your requirement. We have tried to cover maximum possible points. By this, you can know what should be the arrangements as per Vastu. You can manage your place accordingly. But, if you find your place against Vastu and it cannot be managed without making heavy changes, you may consult us for solution.