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 Vastu For Plot

Any construction takes place on a Plot. Without plot, nothing is possible.Vastu of a Plot is the most important part. Any building or Property to be constructed on a Plot should have Vastu perfect norms. There are some important points related to the Vastu of a Plot. There are many factors to be considered before constructing a building or your house on a plot of land. Some of the factors which are important from the Vastu shastra aspect of view for a plot are - From whom you buy the plot, direction of the plot, environment or sorrounding of the plot, obstruction in front of the main gate of the plot etc. This vastu shastra test for plots is a vastu test to find the vastu score of a plot of land.

There are some important points related to the Vastu of a Plot.

  1. Shape of the Plot
  2. Slope of the Plot
  3. Soil Quality
  4. Angle of the Plot
  5. Roads to the Plot
  6. Junction Plots
  7. Surroundings of the Plot

 Shape of the Plot

Vastu For House - When you see a road on the north side from your entrance is a North Facing House. It has to be perpendicular to your entrance. The North Facing Plot will be directly connected to the Children in the house. Though it is very good for any type of constructions, due care is required while deciding the structural design as the magnetic forces of the earth are generated from the North Pole. There are few Specialties of a North Facing House. North is a Water element. Water resembles Wealth. So it creates wealthy and healthy vibrations and ensures prosperity of the people living in these north facing plots and grounds.

Accept following Shaped Plots only:-


The basic idea behind the selection of plot is the shape and angle . Following points should be kept in mind for the shape.

 Extended Plots

Though Plots with 90 degrees are best. But plot with extension in certain direction has proven good results.

     Plot with extension in North of Northeast- Good
     Plot with extension in East of Northeast- Good

 L-Shaped or Cut or Extended Plots

L-Shaped or cut or extended plots are not good at all as extension in one side leads to cut in the other side. So, good results are always coupled with some bad results also. L shaped Plots will always have one side extended with one side cut.

1) East of Southeast Cut or Extended- It leads to Court Cases, Women's health issues.

2.South of Southeast is Cut- It leads to Accident, Economic losses, Women health disorders

3. South of Southeast is Extended- It leads to Educational break/discontinuation, Quarrels and financial losses.

4.East of Northeast is cut- It leads to obstacle in growth and progress, infamy, loss of credibility.

5. East of Northeast is Extended- It is good. It gives financial growth but some ill effects are also there like theft, relationship etc.

6. North of Northeast is cut- It leads to problems related to Education, Sickness, late marriages etc.

7.North of Northeast is Extended- It is good with minor ill effects.

8. North of Northeast is cut- It leads to Sickness, Enemity and relationship problems.

9.North of Northeast is Extended- It leads to Enemity, Financial Losses, Court Cases, Relationship Problems, and Children’s Problems.

10. West of Northwest is Cut- It may lead to Accident, Infamy, and Quarrels.

11.West of Northwest is Extended- It may lead to Good as well as Bad effects. Good: - Travel abroad, Foreign Business. Bad - Skin disease, Asthma.

12.West of Southwest is cut- It may lead to Serious Accidents, Losses, Depression, Loss of body part etc.

13. West of Southwest is Extended- It may lead to very bad results like Accident, restlessness, Joint Pains, Failures etc.

14. South of Southwest is Cut- It may lead to Accidents, Women Mental problem, Court Cases etc.

15.South of Southwest is Extended- It may lead to Accidental death, Los of body part, Court Cases etc.

 Roads to the plot

Direction of Road to any Plot is very important. It cannot be ignored at all. So following are the cases with its results:-

1. Three side Roads of the Plot:- If there is Road on the three sides of the Plot then:-

  1. Road on North, West and South is Normal provided entry is not made from South side.

  2. Road on North, West and East is good.

  3. Road on North, South and East is also good if entry is from North or East.

  4. Road on South, East and West is Normal.

2. Four sides Road of a Plot are rarely found but it is the best and has very auspicious results.

3. Two side Road of a Plot:-

  1. Roads on North and East are best.

  2. Roads on North and West are Normal.

  3. Roads on North and South are Normal if the Entry is from North.

  4. Roads on East and South are Normal if the Entry is from East.

  5. Roads on East and West are Normal.

  6. Roads on South and West are not good.

3. One side Road :-

  1. Road on North is Very Good

  2. Road on East is Very Good

  3. Road on west is Normal

  4. Road on South is Worst- Avoid it.

 Slope to the plot

Slope of the Plot is also very important while selecting a Plot.

Slope in North, East and Northeast is Very good and is supposed to be the best.    
High West and Low East Good Child's Growth and Mental Peace.
High East and Low West- Bad   Childs Problem. Mental Unrest.
High North and Low South- Bad Health Problem, Losses.
High South and Low North- Good Good Health, Growth.
High Northeast and Low Southwest- Bad Business Failure, Accidents.
High Southeast and Low Northwest- Normal Good for Finance.
High Northwest and Low Southeast- Bad Loss of Wealth.
High Southwest and Low Northeast- Very Good Growth in Wealth and Assets with Fame.
High in E & SE and Low in W & NW- Good Educational Growth, Good Job and Career.
High in SE and Middle of S and Low in NW and Middle of N Normal  
High in SW and Middle of S and Low in N and Middle of NE Very Good .  
High in SW & Middle of W and Low in NE & Middle of E- Very Good  
High in NW & Middle of W and Low in E & Middle of S- Bad  
High in NW & Middle of N and Low in Se & Middle of S- Very Bad for Health.
High in NE & Middle of N and Low in S & Middle of S- Very Bad  
High in NE & Middle of E and Low in W & Middle of SW- Very Very Bad May lead to Sudden Death
High in NE & NW and Low in SW- Very Very Bad May lead to Owner’s Death
High in NE,SE & W and Low in Sw- Bad May lead to Poverty and Financial Crisis.
High in SW, SE & NE and Low in E & NW- Bad  
High in SE & SW and Low in NE & NW- Good  
High in SW and Low in NE, NW & SE- Good  
High in NE and Low in NW, SW & SE- Very Bad  
High in SW & NE and Low in NW- Bad  
High in SW,NW & W and Low in E- Good  
High in NE, SE & E and Low in W - Very Bad  
Long in E & W and High in S & N- Very Bad  

 Surrounding of the plot

Surroundings of the Plot are also important while purchasing the Plot:-

  1. Plot, on which lots of Trees and Plants are there, is good. But Plot having Bamboo Trees should be acquired with great care.

  2. If river or canal is on the East side of the Plot and is flowing from South to East then it is good Plot.

  3. If the river or canal is on Northern side of the Plot and is flowing from West to East, then it is good.

  4. River or canal on South or West of the plot is not good.

  5. Hill, Hillocks, High land, Heavy objects on the South, West & South-West of the Plot is good whereas on East, North and North-East is bad.

  6. Plot adjacent to or near to any graveyard, cemetery, temple, mosque, tomb etc. is not good at all.

  7. Many other factors are also there which cannot be mentioned there. So, if you are planning to buy a Plot, its better to first consult a Vastu Expert. However, above mentioned points are enough to protect you from buying a complete negative Plot.