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 Vastu for Locker

In old days or old houses, separate room was allotted for locker known as locker room. But these days’ locker rooms are hardly found due to lack of space. So we are suggesting tips to keep the locker as per Vastu.

  • Locker should be kept in the South West portion of the house.
  • It should be kept in the south West corner leaving the wall from both sides by 1 ft.
  • Face of the locker should be in North as North is supposed to be the area of Kuber. If North is not possible at all then East facing can be done.
  • Color of the locker inside should be light yellow as this color is supposed to be auspicious for wealth.
  • There should not be any mirror in the locker.
  • If the locker is of metal, it should not touch the ground directly. Some wooden piece should be kept below the locker’s four legs.
  • No items should be kept over and above the locker.
  • Locker should not be kept under any beam or cellar.
  • Doors of the locker should not sound while opening or closing it.
  • Locker should never face South as it s worst. And may cause heavy financial losses.
  • Lockers should not be without legs.
  • The place where lockers are kept should be slight higher in level.
  • If there is no space in South then the locker may be kept in West direction facing East.
  • Don’t keep any picture or statue of ant God/Goddess in the locker or in front of locker.
  • Don’t keep any cloth, utensil and other items in the space where cash is kept inside the locker.
  • If South West is not possible, locker may also be kept in Northern area of the house.
  • Locker should be kept in such a way that it should not move up down.
  • Locker should not be kept directly in front of the doors.