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 Vastu for living Room

The living room can be in the northeast for a north or east facing house. For a west facing house, the living room can be in the northwest. For a south facing house, one can settle for a southeast living room. Exposed beams in the living room cause discord, friction and difference of opinions among the family members or the guests. Reason being that beam is a load bearing member of the structure. Sitting near or under exposed beam causes stress and load on one's mind. Important decisions should not be taken while sitting under beam. The beams can be concealed by creating a false ceiling. There can be a light on the beam to dilute the effect. According to feng shui, wind chimes with hollow bamboo pipes at either end of the beam are also said to balance the disturbed elements. Heavy furniture can be set against the south and west walls (and if need against east walls), not touching them. The area between the sets relating to the southwest (strength corner) can have waist level landscaping done with heavy indoor plants and small rocks and stones.

  • For East facing house, Living room should be made in Northeast direction.
  • For North facing house, living room should be made in Northeast or NorthWest direction.
  • For West facing house, living room should be made in NorthWest direction
  • For South facing house, living room should be made in North West Direction
  • Sofa and sitting chairs should be placed in South or West side without touching the wall.
  • Court Case Files may be kept in Puja Room to get fast and favorable decision.
  • Small bed/ diwaan, can be placed in South, West direction
  • Television/ LCD should be placed in Southeast or Northwest direction so that the face of the person watching TV is in North or East.
  • Air Conditioners should be mounted in Northwest or West direction but never in Northeast direction.
  • Paintings, Pictures, scenery etc should be placed on north or east wall.
  • Photographs of dead person should be hanged on South wall so that it is fixed from bottom and tilted little from above.
  • Water fountain, Fish aquarium etc. should be kept in Northeast direction.
  • Any heavy almirah or furniture should be made at South , west or Southwest direction.
  • Exercising equipments can be kept at Northwest or Southeast direction.
  • Floor should be sloped towards Northeast.
  • Color of living room should be light.
  • Never sit under the overhead beam or cellar as it may cause mental pressure and other problems.
  • Light should come from North and East direction and no light should come from South and West direction. So, North and East side should be open, light and having light colored curtains while South and West side should be heavy and packed having dark colored curtains.
  • Empty pots should not be kept in the living room. If designer pots are to be kept, it should be filled with sand or marbles or even thermacol balls.
  • Sitting position in the living room should be such that eldest one or the owner sit in Southwest and guest sit in the North West direction.
  • Telephone should be kept in North West direction.
  • Pictures of Mahabharata, especially Gita scene should not be placed in Puja Room.
  • Incensed Stick or Deepak should be kept in South East direction of Puja Room.
  • Electrical appliances should be kept in South East.
  • Wind chimes may be hanged in NorthWest direction. Wind chime should be of 5 or 7 rods.
  • Carpets should be of light color.
  • Granite, especially black in color should never be used in Puja Room.
  • Mirrors should be used carefully and only on the Northern or Eastern wall.

Color combination at wall.

  • North- Light Green
  • East-Creams, Light biscuit
  • West- Blue, Purple
  • South- Soil color, Peach
  • North West- White, Silver, Light Grey.
  • North East- Sky Blue, White.
  • South West- Yellow
  • South East- Orange, Pink.