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 Vastu for Door and Window

  • Internal number of doors should not be odd. It should be even in number but should not be multiple of 8 and 10.
  • Two or more doors should not be in a line as it drains the energy.
  • Doors should not sound while opening or closing it.
  • Height of the door should be at least 7 ft and width 3.5 ft.
  • Color of the door should be cream, white or brown.
  • Facing of the doors should be North or East. West is normal but South is prohibited.
  • Door of any room should not face the main entrance.
  • Number of windows should be even.
  • Windows should be on east and North walls. Windows on South wall is not good.
  • The size of window on East and North wall should be larger than that of West wall.
  • Windows should open inside if possible.
  • Only transparent glass can be used in Window. Reflecting glass or mirror should never be used.
  • There should always be a porch over window.
  • Color of window should be light.