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 Vastu for Bedroom

The main bedroom should be on the southwest or northwest side of the house. If there is an upper story in the house, the master bedroom should be on this floor, in the southwest corner. Adult married children can also use this room. Younger children, however, should not use it because that will cause trouble in the household. Bedrooms on the northeast side of the house will also cause trouble. The children’s bedrooms should be in the northwest or west. The younger children’s bedroom can also be on the east side of the house, Newly married couples should not use a bedroom on the east side. Guest bedrooms are best located in the northwest corner, but can also be located in the northeast corner.

Bedroom walls should be painted a light rose, dark blue, dark green, gray, etc. Some authorities say that the walls should not be painted white or a light yellow. One should sleep in his own house with his head facing east or south. If one is staying in someone else’s house, or while traveling, he should sleep with his head facing west. One should never sleep with his head facing north. Upon rising from bed, the right foot should be placed on the floor first. If one is to study in the bedroom, the east side should be used. The wardrobe should be located on the northwest or southwest side of the bedroom. TV, heaters, and air conditioners should be located in the southeast corner.

  • Master Bed Room should be in South West direction of the house/flat. If South West direction is not possible then next place is South or West. Children’s room should never be in this direction.
  • Children’s room can be in North, North-West, or East direction.
  • Adult, but unmarried Son’s room should never be made in North-West direction. But for Adult, unmarried Daughter, it is best.
  • Guest Room should be in North-West. If not possible there, then it should be South-East,
  • South-East Bed Room is not suitable for family members in any condition. It causes mental stress, health problems, relationship problems etc.
  • Doors of a Bed Room should not be in South.
  • Doors of the Room should not face the doors of toilet or kitchen.
  • Color of the bedroom should be bright like white, cream, biscuit, light blue, light green etc. Dark colors and red, orange, pink etc. should be avoided unless suggested by an Expert. Bedroom should never be placed above porch, garage, kitchen or toilet.
  • If attached toilet is required in a bedroom, it should not be in North-East direction of the room. It can be in North-West, West or South direction.
  • Shape of the bed should not be oval, round, triangular etc. It should be only rectangular or square.
  • Bed should not be made of metal specially iron, steel etc.
  • Bed should not be placed under beam. Sleeping under the beam is very harmful.
  • The position of the bed in the bedroom should be in South-West direction or South/West direction. The bed should not touch the walls.
  • Bed should not be kept in front of the door of the bedroom.
  • Direction of the head while sleeping should be either in East or South. East is good for children and youngsters and South for middle aged to old people. West is not suggested on regular basis and North is completely prohibited.
  • Pointed light, hangings etc. over the bed are not good.
  • Mirror or TV or anything having reflecting effect, should not be placed in front of the bed.
  • Wall clock should be placed on the East or North wall of the room.
  • Photograph of the living person or any scenery should be placed in North or East wall.
  • Cupboards should be made on South and West wall. If not possible then it can be made up to North of North-West. But in no case it can be made in North-East, East or North directions.
  • Direction for keeping Cash, Jwellery or other valuables is South-West opening in North.
  • Number of doors and windows should not be even. There should not be any door or window in South direction.
  • Best direction for doors and windows are North, East and North-West,
  • The door of porch or balcony should never be in alignment with the door of room.
  • Couples bedroom in Souteast causes misunderstandings, frequent quarrels, Divorce and mental stress whereas the bedroom in North-East may cause issue problems.
  • There should be only four corners in the room. A room having more than or less than four corners are not good.
  • Electrical switches can be anywhere in the room except North-East direction.
  • Air Conditioners can be mounted in North-West, West, and South direction. In no case it can be mounted in North-East direction. Stabilizer of AC can be kept in South-East direction of the room.
  • Bedroom should never be constructed at the centre of the house/flat.
  • Bedroom which is high in centre and down four side on the roof should never be made.
  • The roof of the bedroom should never be sloped in any direction.
  • Don’t use yellow or pure white marble/tiles in the bedroom.