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 Vastu for Basement

Basement is not allowed as per Vastu norms. But these days, people insist that due to lack of space and costly property, they are forced to manage it with basement. Specially in big apartments and malls, basements are used for parking space.

The storeroom is the place for junk things and the room should be such that it should not increase the junk things. If placed in wrong place, the number of junk things will increase and it can be permanent also.

  • If basement is must and has to be made, it should be placed in North and East area. South and West area should be left.
  • If complete basement is planned then the level of height of North and East area should be kept more than South and West.
  • Heavy electrical and metallic items should never be kept in basement.
  • No basement should be constructed under master bed room and North West area.
  • This may lead to sudden failures and accident.
  • Shape of the basement should be square or rectangular only.
  • Entry to the basement should be from East side. But stairs should never be in North East corner.
  • North West or South East direction of the basement may be used as car parking or servant’s room.
  • Color of the basement should be light.
  • Provision should be made so that the sunlight may be received in the basement.