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 Vastu for Banks

  • Facing of the Bank should be North or East.
  • There should not be any obstruction in the way to Bank..
  • Bank should not be placed in basement of any building.
  • Main gate of the bank should not be at dead end.
  • Drinking water should be kept in Northeast direction.
  • Canteen and Pantry should be towards Southeast direction.
  • Staffs should sit facing North or East.
  • Manager’s cabin should be in Southwest direction.
  • Washroom should be in Northwest direction.
  • Locker should be in Southwest area.
  • Stationery should be stored in Northwest area.
  • Cash deposit counter should be in Southern area.
  • Cash payment counter should be in Western area.
  • Stairs should be in Southwest, Southeast or Northwest area.
  • Inverter should be kept in Southeast or Northwest area.
  • Generator should be kept in Northwest or Southeast area.