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 Online Services

We provide paid services at very reasonable charges.

Virtual Visit

Under this service, we visit your place without being physically present. We make a visit to your place over web camera using Skype or over mobile using 3G voice call. After looking the whole area, we make a note and send suggestion over mail. This is a unique service related to Vastu we are providing for the first time in World. To avail this service, you have to deposit the charges in our Bank A/c. After confirmation of credit received, we will give you the time and date of the visit. On fixed time, we will give a call/ Skype call to you and start the process.

Charges: - Charges may vary depending upon the time and area to be visited:-

  1. Charges for 0-10 minutes- Rs.2100/-only
  2. Charges for 10-20 minutes- Rs.4100/- only
  3. Charges for 20-30 minutes-Rs.5100/-only
  1. Fees should be deposited in advance.
  2. You should have proper knowledge of direction of your place.
  3. Fast internet connection for uninterrupted talk.
  4. Call will be made from our side.
  5. For 3G call, you should have 3G handset with front camera and high speed internet connection.
  6. It is advised to send a rough sketch of your premises with direction before scheduled visit.

Online Consultancy

Under this service, we give our advices online through chat or phone calls for which we charge minimum fees. Fees should be deposited in our bank account and then we talk/chat with you to resolve your queries. This service is useful for those who have idea of direction and he/she wants to clarify any doubts related to any point of Vastu. For example, if someone wants to extend his building, new bore well, shifting kitchen, toilet etc.then he may ask which direction is good as per Vastu.
Charges: - Rs.500 per query.