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In today's world, people's expectation for growth and money is increasing on the one hand and their cultural values, etiquette is decreasing on the other. But in last few years, people are getting attracted to Vastu which shows that they are again sticking to their old culture and beliefs. There is no need to prove the importance of principles as preached by our 'Rishis' and 'Maharishis'.

You can see that how astrology has become a part of science now where it was taken as superstition till few years back. It is quite often asked by some people that there were no Vastu till few years back then from where this science developed?

Mr.Vikash Sethi is a qualified Company Secretary with Post Graduate in Commerce and practicing Vastu profession since 15 years. He is actively practicing the Vastu to provide its valuable services to the people across the globe with a vision to spread awareness against myths and superstition. Mr. Sethi introduced the Vastu with precise logic and got great response.. Read More

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15 Important Aspects Of Vastu While Purchasing A Flat


Buying own home is a dream of every other person. Most of the p

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Vastu Services in Ranchi

Now I am going to start my Ranchi Office soon. Now Ranchi people can take my consultancy easily.